ScissorTail IThe ScissorTail Interpreting logo consists of the word "ScissorTail" in an all caps font, above the word "Interpreting", also in all caps. A stylized line drawing of a scissor-tailed fly catcher sits above the letters I and L of the word "ScissorTail". The bird is looking to the right, while the forked tail falls down to the left to create the shape of the letter A in the word "ScissorTail". The bird and the word "interpreting appear in a contrasting orange to the blue of the word "scissortail".  nterpreting Logo

At ScissorTail Interpreting, we strive for relationships to thrive between the Deaf and hearing communities by intentionally engaging each interaction and fostering confidence in accessible spaces. 

Scissortailed Flycatcher sits on a small branch in front a blurry background.

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